Current Status

server performance issues – Squall

Hello, everyone it has come to our attention that we are having major issues with our newest server Squall. We are having issues with our cpu, and having kernel panics almost every 12 hours. We are also having random freezes. We have contacted the data center  to try...

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Incident History

Maintenance Scheduled- Server reboot-vetra

Maintenance Scheduled We are rebooting the server vetra for security patches, and important updates. Server outage should only last, 60 seconds. Start Date: 09-04-2018 @ 00:00 End Date 09-04-2018 @ 00:05 Current Status: Pending...

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Netwok issue 7-31-18

This issue has been resolved We have had several reports that there has been outages across our data center. We have reported our issues to the data center and they are looking into this now. Most of our services are still up, but might just load slow until the data...

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DNS03 is Down

This has been resolved. Hello, We have detected an issue affecting dn3. We’re working to resolve this as quickly as possible and will update this ticket as soon as we have more...

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